Movement and Transit

You can walk around in cities that are alive.

We want a place that is easy to walk around in and easy to find your way.

Leederville has trains, footpaths, busses, a freeway, main roads and laneways. We are not short of transport options, but currently they don’t connect very well.

We need multiple transport options available within 400m of anywhere in the centre. 

To do this we need to:

  • Make the central area of Leederville mainly pedestrian but also easy to deliver stuff into during peak times.
  • Have some vehicles moving around after hours so that it still feels save.
  • Seamlessly link all the different types of transport.
  • Put the new multistorey carparks on the outside of the precinct, accessible from Leederville Parade.
  • Make the streets and laneways alive and vibrant.
  • Make the walking routes and laneways logical and with useable destinations.

“Cities with cars in them are dead” – Anna Kelderman