UX2: Creating the future

Leederville, Australia, as a world class, sustainable, urban User eXperience.


A citizen lead, design and development collaboration.


Facilitated by Leederville Connect and Project Partners.

UX2 recognises that human centred places are built on the Indigenous idea of “the Land, the Stories and the People”.

UX2 makes our ideas for a great place - real.

UX2 is about taking the Leederville User eXperience to a whole new level.

Through UX2 Leederville Connect is linking up people, projects and brokering outcomes - to turn Leederville into a world class example of sustainable urbanism.

UX2 is about people and organisations collaborating on projects.

UX2 works at a precinct level doing all the things that can't be done by site-by-site development.

UX2 is about developing an urbanism that is appropriate for our location.

UX2 is about brokering projects that need to “work between the buildings” and “work inside the buildings”.