New Urban Workspaces

What is the new space for work?

A changing world

COVID has pushed us all on-line and we sort of are OK with this.

Most of the things that we used to do in the main street have changed.

Only food and beverage places seem to survive in this changed economy.

As fun as cafĂ© and ice cream shops are, they don’t build a strong and diverse local economy.

But we still want to work in town and and connect.

We need new work spaces that:

  • Bring diverse economic activity to the City – not just food and beverage.
  • Street level spaces that are rent stabilised to support innovative businesses as they develop.
  • Bring back manufacturing and making into the heart of the city.
  • Are flexible and can be shared.
  • Builds in child care and play areas.
  • Links to centers of learning, entertainment and performance
  • Linked to green spaces, and are kid and family friendly.
  • Have shopfronts that open onto the street.